Poetry for Kids

One of the most wonderful things that we can do for our children is to open them to the world of poetry. Poetry used to be a huge part of a child's life when nursery rhymes were still popular, but poetry has gotten lost in the shuffle of modern life. It isn't that poetry isn't … Continue reading Poetry for Kids

Choose Your Own Ever After

A big part of growing up is figuring out friends and, as you get a bit older, what it means to be more than friends. I remember that when I was in the 5th and 6th grade, one of the book series that was incredibly popular, and which I adored, was Sweet Valley High. Now … Continue reading Choose Your Own Ever After

A Little Dash of Confidence

Being a kid is hard. Every day a new challenge comes around that might stop you in your tracks. How you deal with it is key. There are a lot of books out these days about believing in yourself. I've written a bunch about the idea of believing in yourself in the past, but it … Continue reading A Little Dash of Confidence

Teaching a Lesson on Kindness through Books

“Careful the things you say, children will listen. Careful the things you do, children will see and learn.” So says Stephen Sondheim in the beginning the song “Children Will Listen.” Sometimes people forget that children are little sponges who soak it all up and they notice everything that we do. In light of everything going … Continue reading Teaching a Lesson on Kindness through Books

A chameleon who learns just to be himself

Any parent is well versed in the artistry and engaging stories of Eric Carle. There was a time that I could recite Brown Bear, Brown Bear by memory. What did the Very Hungry Caterpillar eat that gave him such a terrible tummy ache? Yeah, knew that one too. But every once in a while, I … Continue reading A chameleon who learns just to be himself

Bouncing Back from a Bad Mood

Recently I picked up a cute little book called Badger's Bad Mood at the local library. When I started to write about it for the blog, I realized that it might make more of an impact to be connected with other books about moods and how to deal with them, so a new trip to … Continue reading Bouncing Back from a Bad Mood