#whatsyourgift – Leo’s Gift

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Leo's Gift, by Susan Blackaby and Joellyn Cicciarelli, through the Kid Lit Exchange. The book moved me in a number of ways. I am a sucker for books about music, but also, since I freelance for OutreachNC, a magazine that often covers topics about caring for those … Continue reading #whatsyourgift – Leo’s Gift

Maggie Celebrates Ayyám-i-Há

This past December my daughter was getting ready for her school's holiday music celebration when we decided to get a lesson on inclusion. Their music teacher was having them sing a variety of Christmas songs, but had failed to consider other faiths. Enter E, a very strong willed, opinionated, proud little Jewish girl. She decided … Continue reading Maggie Celebrates Ayyám-i-Há

Serving Up Soup from a Stone

Over the years, many have told the story of Stone Soup in which hungry strangers trick a town into feeding them by making soup from a stone. As with many folk tales, the story changes with each retelling, but the backbone stays the same. A hungry stranger, or two, enters a town. When the locals … Continue reading Serving Up Soup from a Stone

Learning to Share – The Olive Tree and Multicultural Childrens’ Book Day

It is once again time for the Multicultural Children's Book Day. I was honored to participate in this event last year and am thrilled to be a part this year. When I go through the books that we read, we actually read a ton of books that fall into the multicultural category, but I know … Continue reading Learning to Share – The Olive Tree and Multicultural Childrens’ Book Day